How to Change Custom Favicon for Blogger on New Dashboard?

Google blogger favicon

What is Favicon on Blogger?

What is favicon? It’s that little icon on the edge of the browser page that often has the logo of the site you’re browsing. If this icon is not displayed, it means that the site owner has not set up a favicon on their pages. When someone bookmarks any page, then your blog’s favicon appears next to the page title or link.

What are the benefits of a favicon?

So Favicon identifies your site with visitors ’browsers as well as bookmarks so that your site stands out more easily from dozens of open browser magazines.

Using Favicon is also beneficial for search engine visibility, as its use, and other icons that identify the site, is seen as a positive thing in Google’s eyes.

What is Correct Favicon Size for Blogger?

According to the blogger's guidelines, your favicon should be the square size and within 100 kb (can be circle if you want). The Blogger favicon size can be 16x16px, 24x24px, 32x32px, 48x48px, or 96x96px.

How to Change Favicon for Blogger

Here's how to add a favicon in Blogger's new dashboard.

  • Go to Blogger dashboard
  • Select your blog from the dropdown-list
  • Navigate to the Settings
  • Under the Basic section, you have an option to change favicon.
  • Click on the Choose file and select a your favicon.
  • Click the Save button.

The Best Online Favicon Generator for Blogger

Here is a list of the best favicon generators you can find online. With these, you can easily and conveniently create your own favicon icon. For example, on you can create a favicon from text.







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