Goodbye October CMS — Welcome Winter CMS

Winter CMS - October CMS

What is October CMS?

October is a self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework.

October CMS is dead?

Like Winter CMS's blog post title says “October CMS You Know It is Dead”.

Quoted from their blog post:

We regret to inform you that October CMS as you have known it for the past 7 years is no more. The founders have decided to make it a paid proprietary product; unfortunately abandoning the open source community in the process as "source partially available" is not open source. The core maintainers of the project have forked, and will continue development as Winter CMS.

The project is not dead, but it is no longer as it used to be.

Here is new October CMS plans. Looks like owners wants to monetize whole project and it's fine.

October CMS Plans

I want laravel based CMS - What choices I have?

Personally, I recommend using Winter CMS, which continues where the old October CMS left off. I strongly believe that Winter CMS popularity will rise as long as they get their Marketplace in shape and working. I even believe there are a lot of free good plugins coming. If you use October CMS right now, you can easily migrate your current site to use Winter CMS.

Quoted from their blog post:

Winter CMS is a fork of October CMS as of v1.1.2 / v1.0.472, any of your October projects can be seamlessly migrated to use Winter instead as long as they are using a version of October prior to the dramatic changes recently introduced by the original founders.

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