How to Manage All Your SSH Servers With Teleport


What is Teleport?

Teleport is an open-source solution to manage SSH servers

Teleport allows engineers and security professionals to unify access for SSH servers, Kubernetes clusters, web applications, and databases across all environments. It’s also a good way to connect to IoT devices that are often behind a NAT device.

With Teleport you can:

- Set up Single Sign-On and have one place to access your SSH servers, Kubernetes, Databases, and Web Apps.

- Use your favorite programming language to define access policies to your infrastructure.

- Share and record interactive sessions across all environments.

Setting up the Teleport SSH Management Service

Video description:

“How to set up an SSH proxy server with gravitational teleport to manage all your SSH connections from a web interface. Supports 2FA two-factor authentication, multiple users, monitoring, and logging of SSH sessions. Install on DigitalOcean Cloud and manage via letsencrypt load balancer certs.”

The embedded video above (provided by The Digital Life YouTube channel) shows how to setting up the Teleport SSH management service and how to manage your SSH servers with Teleport.

Manage All Your SSH Servers With Teleport - Video Timestamps

00:00 - Introduction

01:23 - What is teleport?

03:18 - How to deploy teleport

04:45 - Install teleport on our main cloud server

11:53 - How to add a load balancer or reverse proxy

14:24 - teleport web interface and how to add a user

20:09 - Add more SSH servers to teleport

27:18 - Add SSH servers behind a NAT


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