How To Place Adsense Ads in Blogger Post Easily

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In this tutorial we will show you how to insert any AdSense ad or other platform ads inside of your blogger blog post.

How to Insert Adsense Ad Code in the Blogger Post

You can insert adsense ad code manually with Google's Blogger post editor, but in this tutorial we will show how to do this automatically, so you can just focus on writing good blog posts.

In Adsense create any ad type like In-Article Ads or Display Ads. After created ad you will get script to this ad.

By inserting adsense ad code into your Blogger, you need to edit your Blogger theme. After you have edited your Blogger theme, you can show AdSense ads on every Blogger post.

  • Generate Adsense ad (or other ad platform code)
  • Copy the code below
  • Replace line Place Your Generated Ad Code Here
  • Open Blogger and select “Theme” in left sidebar
  • Click “Edit HTML”
  • Search < data:post.body / >
  • Replace < data:post.body / > with the code below

Note: There can be two or three or even more result for < data:post.body / >.

See the Pen Blogger ads inside blog post by IT Fixes (@itfixes) on CodePen.

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