Should I Learn PHP in 2021?

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We often come across articles or posts on various sites where developers says PHP sucks or it’s not worth learning. I personally use PHP in many projects and it would seem that the end is not near. Therefore, I believe that PHP will continue to be one of the most used languages in web development for a long time. Those who think that PHP is not worth learning and the language will die in about a few years may not remember that many of the most popular content management systems are written mainly in PHP. For example, many customers want an easy-to-use content management system or they already have a popular content management system.

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Often I wonder that developers hate PHP because it’s cool to hate PHP. And I want to remind you that PHP started out as a template engine, not as a full/general language, but currently PHP is still at the top of the web development world.

Is PHP Worth Learning in 2021

The short answer is yes and no.

If you are planning to work on web development and you know that you are going to work on PHP frameworks or content management systems you should learn PHP. E.g. Laravel, Symfony, Wordpress and Drupal.

The Pros of PHP

PHP has many pros and cons. All languages also have disadvantages such as application frameworks and content management systems. Listed below a few pros of PHP.

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to find everywhere, on any hosting, with no additional costs
  • A large collection of open-source addons
  • Very rich, both on syntax features and constructs
  • Strong community
  • PHP are constantly being developed

Why developers hate PHP?

As I said earlier, every language also have disadvantages. PHP is no exception. But mainly because it’s cool to hate PHP and there is a lot of legacy PHP code out there. That's why.

The Cons of PHP

  • Because it is an easy and flexible language to learn many unseasoned developers do not follow best practices and there are many garbage apps written in PHP because of it.
  • The ease of customization makes it more error-prone and harder to find the errors (Related to the above)
  • PHP is not strongly typed
  • Too much legacy code tutorials out there. And people still using these in everywhere. (Related to the above too)

There is more pros and cons of course, but I just listed few of them.


Every programming language has their own advantages and disadvantages and every programming language is unique in its own way. If you want to master web development in minimal time and resources and get a job, PHP will always be the first option for it. After reading this article what do you think? Is PHP still worth learning? Let me know your opinion in the comments.

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