Turn Your Wordpress Site into a Fast Food Ordering System

Fast food Wordpress

COVID19 has forced many restaurants to close their doors or changed remarkably the way they work. Creating an online restaurant or fast food ordering system is the way to staying in business.

In these times I've got many contacts how to make or turn their wordpress site into the online food ordering system, and I have made one fast food ordering system, but I can't share the codebase, because client owns the code now... What I can share with you is plugins and themes where you can start to make a good food ordering system for your clients.

Food Ordering System Woocommerce

Basically you can build food ordering system just with using only two plugins. Woocommerce and Restaurant For Woocommerce.

Online Menu and Ordering System With Restaurant for WooCommerce

With Restaurant for WooCommerce plugin you can create a unique online ordering system for your WooCommerce website.

Restaurant for Woocommerce

Here is the list what customization options you will get for restaurant menu:

  • Define products under categories
  • Shuffle Products on the food menu
  • Shuffle Categories on the food menu
  • Set the sorting order for your categories by product ID or name
  • Set the sorting order for your products by name or date

And many more options to create a nice menu for your restaurant. Check the plugin and if it's too expensive let's move on to the next great plugin.

Food Store – Online Food Delivery & Pickup

Here is the next great plugin for creating online food ordering system. You will need Woocommerce installed in your Wordpress. The Food Store plugin basically extends the functionality of the Woocommerce.

Here is a quote from their description:

Food Store is created by extending the core functionalities of WordPress and WooCommerce, which make it very minimal, clutter free and very familiar to use. All your WooCommerce Categories, Settings and ease of setting up store and moving around the settings panel is still there.

Food Store gives you the option to convert your restaurant into instant food ordering hub.

Check the plugin details and premium demo. There is free and premium versions of this plugin.

RestroPress – Online Food Ordering System

RestroPress is an Food Ordering system for WordPress. Unlike Food Store plugin needs a Woocommerce to be installed, RestroPress is stand-alone plugin and not require woocommerce be installed. I recommend check this plugin. It is very reputable and you will be able to conveniently create a food online store.

RestroPress Wordpress

Food Ordering Themes Wordpress

Whether you are looking for free or paid themes, there is always a great option. Here are a few listed.

It had a few free themes listed. If you are looking for paid themes then look ThemeForest and EngineTemplates.

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