Does Anyone Use TYPO3 CMS Anymore?

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Around 2011 or 2012, I used the TYPO3 in a few smaller projects, and after the Drupal article, I thought about other older content management systems that I used more or less and suddenly TYPO3 popped into my mind.

If you’ve never heard of typo3, don't worry, I’ll write a little about it in this article. TL;DR: TYPO3 is a content management system (cms).

What is TYPO3?

TYPO3 is a free and open-source Web content management system written in PHP. Since TYPO3 6, the system runs on the templating engine Fluid. It’s one of the older CMS options around it’s around 24 years old at present.

Delivered with a base set of interfaces, functions and modules, TYPO3's functionality spectrum is implemented by extensions. More than 5000 extensions are currently available for TYPO3 for download under the GNU General Public License from a repository called the TYPO3 Extension Repository, or TER.


TypoScript can be used in the TSconfig field of a backend user or a backend user group or in the TSconfig field of a page. It will then change the look and behavior of forms in the backend. The frontend rendering, in contrast, is defined by the TypoScript used in TypoScript templates. This document covers only frontend rendering.

What Others and I Think About TYPO3?

Developers I know simply don’t like TYPO3 and they choose another CMS at any time than would have to use TYPO3. Example there is a lot of articles and topics "Still TYPO3 Sucks" etc... However, I have good memories of TYPO3, for example, typoscript was an interesting concept and useful if you could use it in the right places. In a nostalgic sense, I could get to know typo3 again and start using it in some of my own little projects.

However, most of all I waiting the Winter CMS developers to get their marketplace up and running and then I start using it and move my October CMS site to use Winter CMS. You should familiarize yourself with the content management system just mentioned 😉

If you are still using TYPO3 in your awesome projects then post a comment below!

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