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The word TBDEV probably says nothing to many of you, but it was once one of the largest open source peer-to-peer script. We could use the word torrent content management system (cms).

Tbdev was one of the first torrent trackers. Codebase was based on supernova / bytemonsoon code.

What is TBDEV?

TBDEV is PHP peer-to-peer tracker software / cms. Many was using it when they host private torrent trackers. It's very out-dated and we not want to anyone using it, because torrenting is illegal if you don't upload linux distros or something else that is legal to share.

Why TBDEV Was So Popular?

I think people like tbdev just because it was a great community. And a lot of modifications and scripts were found for it. There was a many people that shared their code on forums. Users made own code snippets, modifications and the tbdev community grew very large that time.

Most of the tbdev source code was simple PHP so many enthusiasts could made changes to it easily.

Legacy of TBDEV

Undeniably, tbdev has left a big mark on the world of private torrent trackers. There are many torrent tracker scripts that based Tbdev.

You can still download tbdev and check how it was done. Here is the SourceForge link.

Back in the days many vulnerabilities were found in many modes and codes published to the tbdev forum. For example, you can hobby to see if you find vulnerabilities in the source code and make changes to the source code on your local environment. Remember: the code is no longer relevant and should not be modeled on.

If you want to see other tracker scripts (most of based tbdev) you can check bravo list forum.


We take no responsibility and do not urge you to set up your own private torrent tracker, especially if you plan to use it by sharing illegal material!

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