Do You Know Who TechLead Is and How Successful He Is?

TechLead Youtube Coding

So the Question is - Who is a Techlead?

He's real name is Patrick Shyu and he is ex-Google / ex-Facebook tech lead, multi-millionaire app entrepreneur, digital nomad traveler and software engineer.

People will probably know him better through his youtube channel. Shyu’s videos, with some click-bait-like titles, primarily focus on topics related to Silicon Valley and making money in the tech industry. He also explains how to prepare and what to consider in job interviews.

With his own kind of sarcastic style of course. "As a Millionaire" already formed as a inside joke.

How Successful Techlead Is?

In addition to the Youtube channel, he runs sites like and These sites target is learn how you can pass the coding interviews.

Like many titles says: "The best way to pass the programming interviews"

Patrick Shyu have posted many videos on youtube where he told how he made million dollars per year. So he is pretty successful guy. And personally, I started following his youtube channel when he had a little over 10,000 followers. Now he has 1 million subscribers. So he makes a lot of money with just his youtube videos. And he no longer has to do the "real jobs" as a techlead.

TechLead Teach How to Success in Tech Industry

I recommend checking out his youtube channel as he has an absolutely great sense of humor. And to be honest, you can really learn something about tech interviews and how to success in tech industry.

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