Why Web Developers Love Typescript?

Typescript front-end web development

TypeScript has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years and today I will write why web developers love Typescript. My dev friends often talk about "TypeScript may save your project from failure", so let's find out.

What is Typescript?

Typescript borns from Microsoft as an extension of JavaScript which primarily provides optional static typing, classes and interfaces.

Typescript solves some of these limitations. Microsoft developed this language and it comes as the superset of JavaScript with backward compatibility. It behaves similar to JavaScript but with a few additional features. You can covert the Typescript code (.ts file) into JavaScript (.js file) using TypeScript Compiler (TSC). The TSC ensures cleaner code by running the code for errors. It is widely used for frontend JavaScript applications and Node.js-powered backend apps.

After chatting with many web developers, here is the end result which is why many people like or even love typescript.TS offers a many features that makes your project modular and easy to maintain.

The code is easy to read and easy to understand. This also makes it easier to refactor.

Better code quality and documentation - Makes developers happier

When you're making your awesome project with TypeScript, it forces you to add proper typings to all functions, classes, and other constructs. Then there is almost always better code quality and documentation. And when this happens it also leads to lower error counts.

Reasons to choose Typescript

  • Improved JavaScript
  • Powerful development tool
  • Great scalability
  • A great type system
  • Aligned with ECMAScript
  • Generics support
  • OOP Classes


So when we read about these articles: Is TypeScript the future of web development?, Why use TypeScript? Could it be the best way to write frontend in 2021?. We end of result that typescript is basically improved javascript and while you coding project with Typescript your project is more easy to maintain and everyone is happy. It seems like it. So I recommend you check out the typescript and take your development skills to the next level.


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