Windows Package Manager 1.0 is Finally Released

Windows Package Manager Released

Finally it's here! Windows package manager 1.0 released in May 26th. I still wonder why now? It should have been released much earlier. It took a year to make the first version of Package Manager. Microsoft announced the making of package management software in May last year.

For people who not know what package manager mean, Windows Package Manager is a tool to install and manage programs efficiently on Windows 10 machines.

Windows Package Manager 1.0

You can immediately find a lot of handy posts and programs related to package management software on the Internet. There is a winstall, GUI for Windows Package Manager

How To Install Windows Package Manager?

Once installed, you're ready to start grabbing packages. You can use either the Command Prompt (cmd), Windows PowerShell, or the newer PowerShell 7 to interact with winget-cli.

To verify that all is installed correctly and running fine, open either of the shells mentioned above and type winget --info

Winget search windows package manager powershell

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