What is JingOS Linux?

JingOS linux

So.. What is JingOS?

JingOS is an Ubuntu-based mobile Linux distribution targeted at tablet and mobile devices. JingOS developers says that JingOS is designed to be a mobile-first tablet OS. It can run both Linux apps and Android apps

JingOS is based on Ubuntu 20.04 and the user interface originates from the desktop environment KDE Plasma Mobile 5.20. JingOS backs its iPad feel with Linux power and this is what makes it so unique. It is prioritized to run on mobile tablets, yet you can also run it on a laptop. Therefore, it provides a “laptop lite” experience as well. The point worth noting here is that it is not a desktop distribution that can run on tablets, but a flexible tablet OS that can run on laptops. There is a subtle but important difference.

JingOS can run Linux and Android applications in addition to its extensive and smooth functionality through trackpad, keyboard, pencil, and of course, touch. The developers like to call it a “convergence” operating system, in view of its ability to bridge the gap between Linux and Android apps. And deservedly so, in my opinion, as the distro delivers all that is promised. It is packed with an arsenal of stupendous features that we will discuss now.

JingOS developers have gone out of their way to further facilitate their users with the same default apps as the iPad, including a clock, calculator, media player, sound recorder, and more.


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