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Wordpress Remote Users Sync Plugin

Ever wondered if you'd like to sync users and sign-ins between two wordpress sites? Excellent! There is one excellent plugin for that and it's above all other similar plugins.

WP Remote Users Sync


If you run multiple websites and want to keep users separated, but synchronise them automatically and securely for specific user operations, then WP Remote Users Sync is the plugin to use.

WP Remote Users Sync Screenshot


This plugin adds the following major features to WordPress:

  • WP Remote Users Sync admin page: a settings page under “Settings > WP Remote Users Sync” to manage remote sites, security settings, import/export users, and view activity logs.
  • Remote Sites: manage an unlimited amount of connected sites with configuration for incoming and outgoing User Actions (Login, Logout, Create, Update, Delete, Password, Role and Metadata).
  • Security: WP Remote Users Sync is the only plugin available allowing users to be synchronised with true layers of security in place. All communications are OpenSSL AES-256-CBC encrypted, HMAC SHA256 signed, token-validated and IP-validated.
  • Import and Export Users: connected websites’ existing user base can be synchronised manually first thanks to the provided import/export tool.
  • Activity Logs: when enabled, all communications between connected sites are logged for admin review and troubleshooting.
  • Synchronise all user data: compatible out of the box with WooCommerce, Ultimate Membership, Theme My Login, Gravity Forms, and all user-related plugins as long as they rely on WordPress user metadata and manipulate users with the WordPress user functions.
  • Customizable: developers can add their own User Actions using action and filter hooks, and more – see the developers documentation.
  • Unlimited websites, unlimited features: there are no restrictions in the number of websites to connect together, and no premium version feature restrictions shenanigans – WP Remote Users Sync is fully-featured right out of the box.


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