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Hi, I'm Alex! I do programming to live and I always wanted to create a technology blog. I will write anything about #tech. The main purpose of the site is to provide blog posts related to technology. The topics of the article is vary greatly. The site's slogan is simply:
A better tech portal for you.

Topics Of This Blog:

Blog aims to provide useful tips, tricks, and tutorials to help readers. This blog generally focuses on topics related to:
Unix/Linux, Windows, Programming, Web Development, IoT, Gadgets and Ethical Hacking.

Intended to add as much guides as possible in relation to the above topics. Especially Wordpress related blog posts is coming for sure. Publishing code examples for Wordpress and Woocommerce platforms.

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Business inquiries: contact.itfixes@gmail.com

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I want to constantly produce good articles and guides for our readers. If you have a suitable and interesting article suggestion put your message to come. We want our readers to enjoy the site and also be able to influence the kind of articles we publish on our site.
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I created a sitemap for our users to make it easier to find articles and more convenient to search.
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